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HeinOnline: How to use the HeinOnline database service: HeinOnline Law Journal Library

How to access the LHeinOnline database service and use it to find legal information


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Law Journal Library

The Law Journal Library is a collection of more than 2,200 law and law- related periodicals. On the Welcome page under ‘Browse Collections by Name’, select ‘Law Journal Library’.

Finding articles in the Law Journal Library

Finding articles in the Law Journal Library


You can navigate through titles by selecting the A-Z list, and then scrolling down the screen until you find the journal. Coverage of each publication is given under the journal title.

Select the journal title to list individual volumes and on the volume number/year to view articles within the volume. Select the page number to view a full-text article.

The full-text is displayed in the right-hand frame. A table of contents is displayed in the left-hand frame.

Use the table of contents to navigate to other individual articles. Select the page number to view the article in the main frame.

'Citation' tab

Use the default ‘Citation tab to search for a specific article by entering its citation in the search box.

Help with finding the correct citation form can be found by following the ‘Find Blue Book Citation’ link or you can use the ‘Citation Navigator’.

'Full text' tab

Use the ‘Search’ tab to search across the full-text of journals.

Quick Search

You can perform a quick search by entering terms in the search box and selecting the ‘magnifying glass’ icon.

Advanced Search

Select the ‘Advanced Search’ option to display a new search template.

Enter terms in the search boxes, specify the area of the article they should appear (e.g. text, title, author, etc.) and link them with Boolean connectors from the drop-down boxes.

You can limit the search to a general subject area or a particular journal in the relevant boxes, and specify a date range.

Help is available under ‘Search Help’.

Select the ‘Search’ button to perform the search.

Search results

Search results are displayed by relevance.

You can select different ranking criteria from the drop-down ‘Sort by’ menu and refine your search by selecting options on the left.

Select the title to view the article or select from the download options.

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