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Ebooks at Strathclyde: Common questions

How to install Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Digital Editions

If your computer or device does not already have Adobe installed, you will need to register for an Adobe ID before installing.

This is quick and free and will enable you to authorise the use of Adobe for your devices. 

Click on Adobe ID,  then click on "Sign in" and  then "Get Adobe ID".

Then install   Adobe Acrobat reader to read PDF  or  Adobe Digital Editions to read ePUB.


Common questions.

Can I download an ebook to my PC?

Yes, you can. You may have to install Adobe Digital editions to read ebooks in ePub format. Please note that University PC's do not have Adobe Digital editions installed and is not supported by the university.

Can I download to my  mobile device?

Yesplease look at our guides to each supplier, there may limits on how many days you can download for. If it is Digital Rights Management free, then there will be no limit. If the ebook is supplied in ePUb format, then you must install Adobe Acrobat reader/Adobe Digital edtion/Bluefire app.

Can I access an ebook while I am off campus?

Yes, remote access is available to almost all of the library's EResources.

  • log in with your DS username and password
  • search on SUPrimo or the Ebook list
  • Importantuse the links on the Library web pages or from SUPrimo to access our electronic services - these will have the correct remote access link built in to the url.

An ebook is visible in SUPrimo, but I can't read  or download it ?

It maybe that the amount of credits for the ebook has run out and is awaiting renewal. Please email or phone 0141 548 4444 for further information.

I can't access an ebook and I have been placed in a queue, why?

Some ebooks have access restrictions placed by publishers, so the amount of people that can access at anyone time is reduced to maybe 1, 2 or 3 users within a 24 hour period.  This is called Managed User Access (MUA).



Access restrictions.

Access to our electronic resources is restricted to staff and  registered students of the University of Strathclyde. 

Walk in Use is available for some categories of user

Pearson titles

Only one person at a time can view an ebook published by Pearson.

EResources terms of use

For more information on EResources terms of use .

EResources access

For information on access.

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