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Alternate Name(s) African American Newspapers Series 1; African American Newspapers Series 2; America's Historical Newspapers
Access to African American newspapers covering the period 1827-1998. This resource includes over 350 newspapers which chronicle over 150 years of the African American experience. Titles from over 35 states are included. Strathclyde has access to both Series 1 (1827-1998) and Series 2 (1835-1956).

Coverage spans life in the Antebellum South; the spread of abolitionism; growth of the Black church; the Emancipation Proclamation; the Jim Crow Era; the Great Migration to northern cities, the West and Midwest in search of greater opportunity; rise of the NAACP; the Harlem Renaissance; the civil rights movement; political and economic empowerment; and more. Search here to find firsthand perspectives on notable Americans from Frederick Douglass and Booker T. Washington to W.E.B. Du Bois and Martin Luther King, Jr., as well as obituaries, advertisements, editorials and illustrations.

These newspapers are searched via the America's Historical Newspaper platform.
Alternate Name(s) Diagnostic Test Accuracy Database
DiTA is the Diagnostic Test Accuracy database, a free database that indexes primary studies of diagnostic test accuracy and systematic reviews of diagnostic test accuracy studies related to physiotherapy practice. DiTA has been designed to enable clinicians, researchers and patients to easily access information on the accuracy of diagnostic tests used by physiotherapists. For each indexed study or review, DiTA provides citation details, abstracts and links to full-text. DiTA is produced by the PEDro Partnership (Institute for Musculoskeletal Health, School of Public Health at The University of Sydney) and is hosted by Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA).
Alternate Name(s) Oxford Bibliographies Online, Renaissance and Reformation
Access to the Renaissance and Reformation module from Oxford Bibliographies. To search for the full text of references listed in Oxford Bibliographies click on Find this Resource then Find it @ Strathclyde.
Alternate Name(s) Physiotherapy Evidence Database
Access to resources on the topic of physiotherapy. Search here to discover over 60,000 randomised controlled trials, systematic reviews and evidence based clinical guidelines evaluating physiotherapy interventions.
Alternate Name(s) Medicines Complete
Guide to the properties of excipients, their safe use and application. Access through the Medicines Complete Platform.
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