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MBA LibGuide: Harvard Business Review

A guide to information resources and services for MBA students at Strathclyde Business School.

Harvard Business Review

It is not possible to link directly to Harvard Business Review articles from MyPlace.  Instead, if you have a reference, you can browse to the full text of the article via Business Source Complete database from EBSCO.  Take a note of the year that the article was published and the Volume and Issue number, e.g. 2008, volume 86, Issue 10:

You can then browse to the relevant Year, Vol. Issue  to find the article you need:

Harvard Business Review restrictions

Please note that some Harvard Business Review articles cannot be saved or printed, they can only be read online.  In 2013 Harvard Business Publishing decided that the top 500 most popular articles would only be available to read online.  The list of 500 is available below although please be aware that Harvard Business Publishing can amend this list without warning.  You will see the following message if you cannot print/save the article: "The publisher offers limited access to this article.  The full text cannot be printed or saved."

Harvard Business Review: finding articles

Link to Harvard Business Review through Business Source Complete Database

Harvard Business Review - latest articles

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